Consultation services

PIKES Ltd business consultation services

PIKES Ltd is a development company operating in Nurmes-Valtimo region in North Karelia, Finland. We offer free-of-charge consultation services for business relocation, founding, developing, and change of ownership to all entrepreneurs currently operating in Nurmes-Valtimo region or planning to start a business here. We are also a local provider of tourist information services.

Development services

We can help you to plan and evaluate your business development project and find funding for it! Financial support can be applied for making investments, e.g. purchase of machinery, equipment, fixtures, software, and premises. You can also get support for intangible business development (new methods, new products) and the acquisition of patents or licenses.

Ownership change consultation

Would you prefer to become an entrepreneur through company acquisition? This option gives you a fast start: an operating business with cash-flow, customers, and the mentorship of the retiring entrepreneur. We can also offer assistance, if you wish to sell your business to a new owner.

Start-up consultation

Are you thinking about starting up a new company in Nurmes-Valtimo region? Use our start-up counselling service. We can provide you up-to-date information about company forms, taxation, company registration, entrepreneur’s pension coverage, start-up funding, premises, official permissions, business plan, and financial plan.

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Minna Heikkinen

Managing Director, M.A., eMBA

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