Key industries

Key industries & business opportunities in Nurmes


Wood industry

Wood industry is the most significant industrial sector of our region in terms of turnover and employees. The products manufactured here include sawn and planed wood, glued beams, impregnated wooden poles, and high-quality special cardboards. Our operators also have special expertise and innovative solutions for wood harvesting and logistics.

The biggest companies working in wood processing sector are Binderholz Nordic Ltd and ScanPole Ltd. The biggest companies working in forestry and harvesting sectors are Motoajo Ltd and Koneurakointi S. Kuittinen Ltd. High-quality education and training on forest machines and harvesting is available at Riveria educational institution Valtimo.

Business opportunities #Wood

Our region provides opportunities for e.g. furniture manufacturing, wood construction, and manufacturing of composite materials.

We can offer:

  • abundant wood resources
  • efficient wood harvesting services
  • good road and railroad connections, inland terminal
  • industrial plots available in Nurmes Green Industry Area
Minna Heikkinen and Erik Kärki at Porokylän Leipomo Oy.

Food industry

Our region has strong expertise in bakery and fish and meat processing sectors. The most sold signature products have been bread in various forms, and gluten-free bakery products. Our food sector has invested significantly in product development and equipment in the recent years and has been growing steadily.

The most significant food industry companies are Porokylän Leipomo Ltd (bakery), Pielispakari Ltd (bakery), Nurmeksen Kala Ltd (fish processing), Pielisen Kalajaloste Ltd (fish processing), Nurmeksen Filetuote Ltd (meat processing) and Peten marjatila (berries).

Business opportunities #Food

Our region provides opportunities for e.g. brewery, local dairy and organic food processing, farming, and wild food business. The expanding business of the local bakeries provides opportunities for many kind of subcontracting.

We can offer:

  • clean, safe, and healthy environment for growing and processing food
  • abundant supply of wild food: berries, mushroom, herbs, birch sap etc.
  • professional farmers interested in new business collaboration
Aki Nevalainen and Pasi Karjalainen at PK-Levy Oy in Nurmes.

Metal and mechanical engineering

Our metal and mechanical engineering companies operate as subcontractors or manufacture products under their own trademarks. They develop innovative products & processes and search actively for new subcontracting opportunities.

Metal and mechanical engineering companies: BerryGlade LtdValtimo Components LtdH&H Service Nurmes LtdKatatec LtdNurmeksen Metalli LtdNurmeksen Työstö ja Tarvike LtdPielisen Metalli LtdPK-Levy Ltd, and Saher-Aidat Ltd.

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